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A few year ago, I realized that beyond blogging, WordPress is an exceptional CMS, I started sites with WordPress. Dave Sutton’s Trawler Explorer, REI Paradise, Privateer Divers, Juergensen Marine, Danny’O Mom and Pop art shopThinking Diver and the latest The Cloud Saga are all built using WordPress.

After I built a few of those, I realized there were a few common steps that I pretty much always went through and decided to build a check list.

  1. Change domain’s DNS settings to point to the new server (I happen to host on Linode which I recommend if you need more than just a folder on some server somewhere.
  2. Add Domaine Zone for that domain in your hosting service control panel (Again, I love Linode Manager for any Domain Zone changes)
  3. Create Database in MySQL for the new WordPress site
  4. Install wordpress in server directory, change permissions if necessary
  5. Create an entry in your apache site-available sites and enable it (your mileage may vary if you don’t control your host directly)
  6. Go setup WordPress (hit your site URL for the first time)
  7. Change admin password and user info
  8. Change blog title, description and other parameters
  9. set up permalink to custom structure /%postname%/
  10. set up Akismet with an API key
  11. set up a google analytics account for the new web site, make note of the ID
  12. Choose a basic blank structure theme that you like (or if you’re lazy a nice pretty theme that’s ready to go)
  13. Add and configure the following WordPress plugins:
  14. Go to Google WebMasters, Bin Webmaster & the yahoo equivalent and set up your site with those search engines. Don’t forget to enter a sitemap.

That’s all folks!