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“You can read about it for years, but until you’ve actually experienced it, you have no conception of what it’s really like.”

This ‘article’ (original here) is pretty typical of the new genre of Slashdot/O’Reilly/OSNews ‘jounalism’.

While this could be a great piece about Mac OS X application development with Steve’s opinion on the whole thing, it turns out to be a misinformed, short sighted piece that only has the merit of temporarily including an unauthorized email thread with our pal Steve Jobs.

If you ask “Can Apple do Better than Objective-C?”, please do mention viable alternatives (such as Mono, RealBasic, Python & Java Cocoa bindings), discuss the abandon of Java as a viable alternative to Objective-C and question Steve’s ludicrous assertions about .NET’s inherent slowness and the goodness of Objective C.

Interface Builder, XCode & Cocoa are solid tools and they are getting better with each release. However, today Mac OS X developers create great applications despite Objective-C but they don’t have much of a choice or at least don’t know of one.

They do

Update: Miguel elaborates on the merits of the Mono/CLI/.NET approach to solve some of Mac OS X’s shortcomings