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Connect the dots…

  • 2004: Sun sells its soul to Microsoft for $1.6 billion, ‘shares’ patents and colaborates with Seattle’s giant.
  • Late 2004: Novell acquires key web services patents from defunct company Commerce One.
  • 2004-2005: Many essential and innovative linux desktop applications are created using Mono (Photo, Music, Search, Note taking). Fedora and RHEL cannot run them out of the box.
  • Late 2005: IBM, Novell, Phillips, RedHat and Sony create the Open Invention Network, put patents in common pool. The event goes largely unnoticed
  • Early 2006: Redhat decides to include Mono in Fedora, its “community driven” linux distribution. “Business considerations that prevented certain Mono components from being included in Fedora previously have now been resolved“. “
  • Red Hat has no plans at this time to include the Novell software in Red Hat Enterprise Linux“, company spokeswoman Gillian Farquhar said,”meaning that there are no plans right now to make it a standard part of the commercially supported product from the Linux leader.”

P.S.: I hope that Gillian Farquhar was seriously misquoted when she calls Mono Novell software. If not, she should probably look at the Mono project licensing model (hint: open source, mix of GPL/LGPL 2.0/MIT X11) as well as copyright and IP ownership. I would be very surprised if RH doesn’t include Mono in RHEL within 6 months though.