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Full disclosure: I am not bzzing you. You???re not signing up for a BzzCampaign, though maybe it should be one. I am not a democrat or a republican. I am a resident alien, so while I do pay taxes, I cannot vote here. I rarely drive, and when I do, it’s in a car which gets 20 MPG on average. I bike to work, I recycle, but I’m no angel.

Yesterday, I went to see An Inconvenient Truth. Maybe you haven’t heard of it. It’s Al Gore’s documentary on global warming. So what, right? Global warming, blah blah blah. I didn’t want to go see it. I was coerced into it by someone who very much wanted to see it. I put up a fight. I made fun of Al Gore and of democrats. My friend brought up (a website that compiles dozens of reviews and rates movies based on all of those reviews) and how An Inconvenient Truth scored over 90% on the “tomato meter,” a very high score. Whatever. I really wanted to go see A Scanner Darkly or the new Pirates of the Caribbean. I saw Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 and found it to be mostly spin. I didn???t want to go see yet another propaganda “documentary.” In the end, though, I caved. I didn’t want to argue. I wanted to be nice.

I won???t go into detail about the movie, because while it???s not the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen, it???s important, even necessary, to go and see it. Ignore the presenter, Al Gore, if you don???t like him. Pretend it???s someone else talking. Get the facts. The facts will frighten you. It will make you want to do something about it and it???s simply necessary.

You owe it to yourself and the people around you (your children, perhaps?), now and in the future. Don???t let it become a bicoastal phenomenon. Whatever your political affiliation, whatever your religious beliefs, wherever you live figure out where it???s playing and just go see it. Once you’ve seen it, start trying to make some, any, small difference. Please.

Do us all a favor.

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In probably what will constitue the biggest story of the week, Apple announces support for dual booting Windows & Mac OS X with Bootcamp. Talk about throwing a curve ball at the PC manufacturers !

I see nice virtualization support coming to Apple Leotard or from third parties in the near future now that Windows XP can easily be installed on a second partition.

P.S. How long until someone hacks the boot loader to run Linux as well.

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Just like Idan, I can’t figure out which photo gallery to use and it’s annoying the heck outa me.

I’ve set up Gallery2 a while ago but at this point it just doesn’t look good, doesn’t have all my photos and I am exploring alternatives.

I think SimpleViewer would work well with smaller portfolios such as this but not for large number of pictures. PostcardViewer seems good for sifting through a large photo album though. I am looking at trying out Zenphoto as well.

Comments ?

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AIGLX, wow, what a shiny waste of time. When will you guys realize that what’s missing in Linux is not cool visual effects but solid applications and hardware support. That’s where you should shine.

Who cares if I can play a video on the edge of a cube when there is no decent Video Player on linux (but plenty of competing crappy ones) or make my window fade away like a paper napkin caught in the wind (when there is no decent RSS reader, application launcher or enterprise groupware solution). RedHat, wake up, grab the mono rpms and start building apps.

That should be your secret project.

Update: Healthy discussion in the comments section.

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Wanted to make a quick note before I forget but I noticed recently that more and more developer tools (Java mostly but even Perl/PHP/Python/Ruby for example with Komodo) are made available for Mac OS X:

This is a change since Mac OS X was not considered a developer OS a few years back (saw many try to get JBuilder 4 running on Mac OS X). It’s probably due to the fact that many IDEs are now written in Java but certainly because many developers have adopted Mac OS X (hang out at O’Reilly’s OSCON for proof).

I hope 2006 sees Mac OS X emerge as a great Mono developer platform with Gtk on Aqua, XCode opening up, Cocoa# growing, and solid runtime support for Mono on Intel architecture.

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Don’t be surprised if you see a few homeless people sporting sweet Novell shirts this summer in Boston.

I went through all my soft wear this week-end and will be bringing two dozen Novell shirts to the salvation army this week.The unlucky ones will be wearing the spandex tan conference shirts we all hated. Note that I didn’t get rid of any of the Mono or XimianTees, most of those looked cool.

P.S. Is Planet Novell down since the layoffs ?

P.P.S.: Triggered by a conversation with Aimee about Gaspard Hauser (and one of my favorite poems, by Verlaine), a little book recommendation for today, if you liked Perfume (if you haven’t read it, it’s a fantastic read), pick up a copy of Moravagine. I had to read it in lit-class in high school found it captivating.

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Dilbert has this ability to very often be spot on. I felt that way, many many times as I accompanied a sales bot to go meet a potential customer. Once I got a sales award, woo hoo !