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Don’t be surprised if you see a few homeless people sporting sweet Novell shirts this summer in Boston.

I went through all my soft wear this week-end and will be bringing two dozen Novell shirts to the salvation army this week.The unlucky ones will be wearing the spandex tan conference shirts we all hated. Note that I didn’t get rid of any of the Mono or XimianTees, most of those looked cool.

P.S. Is Planet Novell down since the layoffs ?

P.P.S.: Triggered by a conversation with Aimee about Gaspard Hauser (and one of my favorite poems, by Verlaine), a little book recommendation for today, if you liked Perfume (if you haven’t read it, it’s a fantastic read), pick up a copy of Moravagine. I had to read it in lit-class in high school found it captivating.