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NFC tag on office entrance
This could be the geekiest thing I’ve ever done.

While I have used Tasker on Android to change settings based on location, it doesn’t quite have the granularity that I am looking for and relies on precise GPS location to work really well (which hurts battery life).
NFC tag on nightstand
The newest flagship Android phone, the Galaxy Nexus (on Verizon or GSM for T-mobile & AT&T) and a few other Android phones (such as the Nexus S on Sprint & AT&T) support the NFC standard.

By placing NFC tags in my house (nightstand , house entrance, car, office), I was able to set up my phone to switch its bluetooth, wireless, ringer and other settings based on location.

For example:

  1. When I enter the office, after touching the entrance NFC tag, the phone’s wifi is turned on and the ringer is set to vibrate
  2. When I leave the office, the same action will disable wifi and set the ringer to a loud ring.
  3. When I enter my car, Bluetooth is turned on and my musica app will start playing tunes
  4. As I leave my car and swipe it again, bluetooth is turned off
  5. When I enter my home, wifi will turn on
  6. When I put my phone on my nightstand, the ringer will be set to silent

To do this, all I needed was a NFC compatible phone, NFC stickers (pre-formatted for a bug in Android 4.02 prevents formatting from working) and a $1.99 android application to set the actions taken when swiping a specific tag.

Geeky, right? I warned you