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Well, it’s a week full of good news. I’d like to make official something I’ve been dying to tell you since we signed the contract this summer. Joe Hummel, Geoff Norton, Niel Bornstein, Brian J. Sletten and I are co-authoring a book about Linux Application Development with Mono with Addison Wesley as our publisher.

Here is an excerpt from the preface: “It should be clear to you now, why we chose to write about Mono in the context of Linux development. You will not find a lot of literature on that subject, especially when desktop applications are concerned. So while we have chosen to focus on Mono in the context of creating desktop applications, we will not dwell on C# or .NET class libraries or any general .NET knowledge you can find in other books. This book will introduce you to the Mono platform, its specificities and exclusive libraries. While it mostly focuses on how to build desktop applications, you’ll find tips and tricks for migration of existing applications, use of existing Java and .NET libraries, frameworks and even lesser known programming languages you might want to try out.

We’ve assembled a team of .NET, Mono experts and open source enthusiasts to author this book. We each are passionate about the subject, experts in the technologies and have a vested interest in seeing new applications written for Linux.

We’re on track and the book is scheduled to be published in 2007. I also signed up as a series editor for a few Mono books but I can’t tell you about much about that yet…
Suffice to say that it’s a fascinating thing to be lead author as well as series editor and I am learning a lot.