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Docker Package on Synology – 88k downloads!

Docker is a great addition to my DS1815+ Synology NAS. Its implementation is very cool in many ways but has a few big weaknesses.

Amongst its strengths, I can think of:

  • Pretty great UI for managing running containers, including docker exec
  • Good UI for adding images (though no way to update them, see later)
  • Pretty stable
  • Great alternative to community or Synology built packages
  • Can export/import container settings
  • Through volume exports, can map to main FS folders
  • Accessible through command-line

As DSM 6.0 seems to rely heavily on Docker, I think it’s worthwhile to petition for these shortcomings to be remedied:

  • Runs an old version of Docker (1.6.2, several versions and security patches behind, soon to be deprecated)
  • No UI support for Dockerfiles
  • No way to refresh images once they’ve been downloaded through the UI
  • No support for docker-compose (UI or CLI)
  • Cannot pull a specific version of an image (such as: edasque/nodebb:v0.0.2) in the UI
  • Docker containers do not restart on reboot
  • Occasionally containers will cause a system reboot (for example on automatic system update)
  • Documentation and support seem to be lacking

What am I missing? What is remedied by DSM 6 Beta 2+ for those that run it?