Docker on a Synology NAS – Highs & Lows

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Docker is a great addition to my DS1815+ Synology NAS. Its implementation is very cool in many ways but has a few big weaknesses. Amongst its strengths, I can think of: Pretty great UI for managing running containers, including docker exec Good UI for adding images (though no way to update them, see later) Pretty… Read more »

My WordPress checklist

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A few year ago, I realized that beyond blogging, WordPress is an exceptional CMS, I started sites with WordPress. Dave Sutton’s Trawler Explorer, REI Paradise, Privateer Divers, Juergensen Marine, Danny’O Mom and Pop art shopThinking Diver and the latest The Cloud Saga are all built using WordPress. After I built a few of those, I… Read more »

Photo Gallery Statistics

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At home in Provence for a few days, I decided to code a few things. Here is one, a statistics page for my gallery, powered by ZenPhoto, which shows a few different charts such as this one: I am using the rather new Google Chart API to generate the charts.