Audible Daily Deal RSS feed

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I have now made available an RSS feed for the audio book deal that Audible publishes every day: Audible Daily Deal RSS feed ( I have also added it to the US iOS & Android Amazon Kindle Deals of the Day applications that I built. I know that they’re not technically Kindle deals but I… Read more »

Opening external URLs in Safari with PhoneGap applications on iOS

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After much trial & error, I figured out how to do this on iOS 6, PhoneGap/Cordova 2.5.0 and jQuery 1.9.1 OpenAllWhitelistURLsInWebView doesn’t matter. Setting it to true, false or omitting it doesn’t seem to have any bearing on the result. I set a target of _system on the href, like so: <a target=”_system” href=”″> I… Read more »

Some great Twitter Bootstrap 2.x resources [Updated]

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New and of interest: Twitter Bootstrap 2.2.0/ Previously, previously: Great Bootstrap based date range picker and a date picker Datagrid, select/combobox, pill-box, search, spinner for Twitter Bootstrap Marketplace on which you’ll find nice Bootstrap based designs Great Twitter Bootstrap themes Now that jQuery UI & Twitter Bootstrap selectors no longer collide, you can apply a… Read more »

Getting an Oauth2 token for GitHub, command line

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If you’re looking to use the GitHub API outside a web application, you’ll need to generate an OAuth 2 token. GitHub provides a good way to add a non web app to your account. It’s done with a curl, command-line: curl \ –user “myuser” \ –data ‘{“scopes”:[“user”],”note”:”GitHub Stars to Bookmarks”}’ which will ask you… Read more »

Showing Console console.log output and Javascript errors with PhoneGap on Android/Eclipse

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While one would expect console.log() messages to show up in the Eclipse console tab (which shows the Android emulator being launched), they actually show up in the LogCat tab, a mechanism for collecting and viewing system debug output on Android. However the LogCat tab/windows is not shown by default on Eclipse. In order to show… Read more »