My review of the Sigma DP1 (Mini-review)

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I just got a Sigma DP1 last week. I was lucky enough to get my hand on one of the very limited supply of DP1s in the US (as of this post, DP1 are out of stock at Amazon, BHPhotoVideo and Adorama). But I just sold it on ebay. Why ? I really wanted to… Read more »

Photo Gallery Statistics

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At home in Provence for a few days, I decided to code a few things. Here is one, a statistics page for my gallery, powered by ZenPhoto, which shows a few different charts such as this one: I am using the rather new Google Chart API to generate the charts.

Boston Auto Show

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Nothing out of the ordinary lately, as the first snow settles on the streets of Boston. I went to the Boston Auto Show recently and snapped a few pictures of the Nissan GT-R, the Dodge Challenger SRT and the Audi R8 (highlight of the show but bleh, IMHO):


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Sometimes the story behind the photo is more interesting than the photo. Well, so I think this one has a cool story, here it goes At the time, I was living in Roslindale, a quaint neighborhood in the outskirts of the city of Boston. On my way to the center of town, I would always… Read more »