Let’s keep on truckin’.

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After not having looked for a job in nearly 10 years, it’s no surprising how in shambles my resume had gotten, pure code rot. But it’s ready for public viewing now. So if you know of any open source, commercial or enterprise software engineering manager or product manager position that you think I’d be a… Read more »

People suck

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Please Mr Steve Jobs, will you introduce new ipods this week ? Because: I got a speeding ticket on Saturday for $250 As I came home decided to not use my car anymore, I realized my bike had been stolen As I walked to my car this morning, I realized someone had gotten in and… Read more »

Turns out mine is bigger than theirs.

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On Saturday, annoyed at the thumping of my downstairs neighboor’s new subwoofer, I had to explain to him that my subwoofer is larger and louder than his and happens to be pointed downwards and directly above him. After playing the lobby scene from the Matrix and some Infectious grooves, I think I got the message… Read more »

22 Oct 2004: David Ortiz has a posse

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And Johny Damon is my homeboy. Jackson and I managed to get very good intel on the precise location of a coveted trophy. Deep under cover, we left my home for the fortress of snob·bish·ness that is Sonsie and touch the ALCS trophy: _Blog_Images/ErikALCS.png _Blog_Images/JacksonALCS.png


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Old Fashioned isn’t necessarily good I recently updated my mono/glade tutorial with: A couple of things have come up since the last version of this tutorial: Mozilla: because of the way Mozilla is installed in some distributions (I haven’t been able to trace what it exactly is yet), running the application in MonoDevelop causes the… Read more »