Handle with Care

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Full disclosure: I am not bzzing you. You???re not signing up for a BzzCampaign, though maybe it should be one. I am not a democrat or a republican. I am a resident alien, so while I do pay taxes, I cannot vote here. I rarely drive, and when I do, it’s in a car which… Read more »

a new quest…

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Just like Idan, I can’t figure out which photo gallery to use and it’s annoying the heck outa me. I’ve set up Gallery2 a while ago but at this point it just doesn’t look good, doesn’t have all my photos and I am exploring alternatives. I think SimpleViewer would work well with smaller portfolios such… Read more »

Novell Summer Collection

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Don’t be surprised if you see a few homeless people sporting sweet Novell shirts this summer in Boston. I went through all my soft wear this week-end and will be bringing two dozen Novell shirts to the salvation army this week.The unlucky ones will be wearing the spandex tan conference shirts we all hated. Note… Read more »


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It’s official, after happily working there as a consultant for a couple of months, I have accepted a full time position as director of engineering at BzzAgent. I couldn’t be more psyched, the company is exciting, the people I work with refreshing and fun as are the industry we’re in and technologies we use. “And… Read more »

Paying for value and innovation

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I have no problem paying for value and innovation though $5 a month is a little steep. Aggravated by Bloglines, I couldn’t wait to subscribe to Feedlounge (but I had to since I couldn’t get in the early testing program). The UI is pretty cool though a few things are clearly missing: No sorting by… Read more »