At the time I was a bit mono-maniac

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So as I am boxing things up, preparing for the upcoming move, I stumble upon a lot of old documents, photos and knick knacks I accumulated over the years.

Once upon a time, you’ll remember, I was heading a team that was intent on writing a book about Mono. Addison Wesley had signed us up for a book called Linux Application Development with Mono and I was under contract for a five book series focused mostly on Mono. Though the project looked fun at the time, the team was loosing interest and our editor at AW got laid off, we never heard back from Addison Wesley and didn’t push it.

Welcome to the FrogPond

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With a very short development schedule but weeks of hard work, my team released the BzzAgent frogpond yesterday, something we can be extremely proud of. Check it out ! Update: Mashable wrote a post about it. It can also be seen on Stumble Upon. For a thorough explanation on Frogpond, check out this document. Update… Read more »

HDMI switching for cheap

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As HDMI capable devices started to pile up on my audio tower, I realized the time had come to either upgrade my receiver to a costly HDMI switching model or figure out what the situation was with standalone HDMI switch boxes. I hate to link to a merchant’s site but I ordered this HDMI switch… Read more »

Skype at home

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Last month, I bought a Dect Skype/Landline phone system, the VOIP8411B from Philips and I must say I am very happy with it. The price has been going up and down on Amazon, I don’t understand why. I bought it around $160, saw it drop to $140 or so recently and now it’s around $220… Read more »

Olive trees in HDR

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So Olive trees are tough to photograph, I think. I played with HDR a little while walking around the grove. Haven’t captured the essence of olive trees yet, they’re so beautiful I think.    

HDR and IR photos from home

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I am in the south of France for a week and took some time to walk around with a sturdy tripod, my DSLR and an electronic trigger to shoot some HDR and Infrared photos. I have only processed half a dozen out of a hundred or so (three hundred shots) photos so more are on… Read more »

BzzAgent v3

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This week-end, our engineering team deployed the new version of the BzzAgent application (the BzzEngine). Lots of changes in this new version, some under the covers some more apparent. The deployment environment seems to be holding up and the developers love the new Intelli-J. My job is not as coding intensive, I use TextMate, what… Read more »

Street address normalization in java

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Dear Lazyweb, it seems that one of my next challenges is to solve a street address normalization problem. I found a few commercial solutions that seem to be overkill and server based (coupled with credit card verification usually), an open source one that has many shortcoming (including being written in PHP) but nothing that seems… Read more »