Night Watch, a foreign affair

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Yesterday, I started reading Night Watch, a Russian science fiction novell from which the eponymous movie Night Watch, was adapted. So far it’s pretty good and as foreign as can be (as the movie is). But of course Russian & English literature are technically foreign to me 🙂 I started watching the movie a few… Read more »

Making things talk

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The Arduino Starter Pack from Adafruit is really pretty cool. It provides a really nice starting point for open source hardware hacking. In addition to the main Arduino Diecimila board, the starter pack includes a few components to play with (resistors, push buttons, LEDs, …) as well as a protoshield to start prototyping with the… Read more »

Arduino – the beginnings

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I am not much for DIY, home projects. I am still struggling with putting curtains up in my TV room. However, while casually browsing different sites (including Make) I discovered the Arduino board, an easy to use electronic kit based on a powerful Microcontroller that spawned a family of companion products. This ecosystem makes it… Read more »

Haikus from the nineties

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A while ago, again, I wrote a few haiku and so did my parents. They’re probably not in the right form but it didn’t matter then and it doesn’t really matter now. An automatic english translation follows which I had initially intended to correct then but decided not to, since I felt it added to… Read more »


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Bored at the airport, waiting for my flight home to Boston, ego-searching, I stumbled on an old web site of mine. I can’t remember why but sometime in the late nineties, I decided to write an additional chapter to Saint Exupery The Little Prince. And so here it is, in French for now: – Regarde,… Read more »

Photo Gallery Statistics

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At home in Provence for a few days, I decided to code a few things. Here is one, a statistics page for my gallery, powered by ZenPhoto, which shows a few different charts such as this one: I am using the rather new Google Chart API to generate the charts.