Docker thoughts left on the cutting floor

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I published an article about Anti-patterns in Docker today, on Constant Contact tech blog. In the editing process, some thoughts were cut from the main article but I thought I’d share these tips, follow up: Don’t store data or configuration files in containers, keep them on shared volumes where they can be backed up easily by… Read more »

Bedside table stand for Apple Watch

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I found a great stand for my Apple Watch It’s pretty cheap, simple, looks good. Your watch will stay put thanks to the magnets. It works for 38mm & 42mm watches. There might be alternatives but this one works for me just fine.

Awesome fun, the Ready to Fly Remote Controlled QuadCopter: DJI Phantom review

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Last year, I got a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0. It was fun but limited in many ways. While controlling the helicopter via iPhone or iPad was fun at first, it just wasn’t as reliable and precise as one would want. The helicopter was a fun toy but limited in many ways, hard to repair (you’ll crash… Read more »

Using NFC tags with Galaxy Nexus to change settings based on location

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This could be the geekiest thing I’ve ever done. While I have used Tasker on Android to change settings based on location, it doesn’t quite have the granularity that I am looking for and relies on precise GPS location to work really well (which hurts battery life). The newest flagship Android phone, the Galaxy Nexus… Read more »

a 3D back and forth story in the making

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Twenty years ago, I left home and moved to Paris for school. While I had been away to prep-school for a year prior, this was the farthest I had lived from my parents, a 6 hours train ride at the time. I devised a way to stay in touch with my dad by sending him… Read more »

Post Nexus One: what my next Android phone will be

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I’ve been very happy with the Nexus One. Since it’s the official Google Android developer phone, it usually gets the latest updates first, is easily rootable and comes with the bare Google Android experience untainted by the mobile phone companies proprietary bloatware and restrictions (wifi tethering, bluetooth keyboards, …). I’ve had it for a year… Read more »