At the time I was a bit mono-maniac

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So as I am boxing things up, preparing for the upcoming move, I stumble upon a lot of old documents, photos and knick knacks I accumulated over the years.

Once upon a time, you’ll remember, I was heading a team that was intent on writing a book about Mono. Addison Wesley had signed us up for a book called Linux Application Development with Mono and I was under contract for a five book series focused mostly on Mono. Though the project looked fun at the time, the team was loosing interest and our editor at AW got laid off, we never heard back from Addison Wesley and didn’t push it.

Better late than never

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gregdeck of Fedora fame officially clears up why Redhat suddenly greenlighted Mono’s inclusion in their community distro. I talked about it in January. P.S. I wonder if ClassPath is on that list.

Novell Summer Collection

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Don’t be surprised if you see a few homeless people sporting sweet Novell shirts this summer in Boston. I went through all my soft wear this week-end and will be bringing two dozen Novell shirts to the salvation army this week.The unlucky ones will be wearing the spandex tan conference shirts we all hated. Note… Read more »

Life of a product manager

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Dilbert has this ability to very often be spot on. I felt that way, many many times as I accompanied a sales bot to go meet a potential customer. Once I got a sales award, woo hoo !

Suspension of disbelief

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Connect the dots…

28 Mar 2005: Does this lab coat make me look phat ?

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_blog_images/lab.jpg Last week I attended Novell’s big annual North American conference, Brainshare. We met with a lot of customers, partners, analysts and colleagues. Miguel and I showed some nice demos of Mono’s System Windows Forms support (around minute 47 or so) which Peter and Jackson help put together. Later in that video, Nat shows some… Read more »