AWS Cloudwatch to Graphite (cloudwatch2graphite)

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Like many, we gather a lot of our system information (business and technology) into Graphite. One thing we were missing was some of the AWS services metrics that you’d typically use Cloudwatch for. So I wrote a little utility in node.js that does exactly that. You’d typically run this in a cron and throw the… Read more »

Preventing Microsoft Office to open recent documents at startup in Mac OS X Lion

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In a terminal, enter the following: defaults write NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool false defaults write NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool false defaults write NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool false The same thing can be done for any application in Lion. In order to find the application preference name, look at the files names found here (minus .savedState): ~/Library/Saved Application State…. Read more »

Adding a second (or third or fourth…) monitor to a laptop (Mac & Windows PC)

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While large (24″+) monitors are certainly enticing, I find that my productivity improves with multiple monitors rather than bigger monitors. My desktop setup includes two 23″ monitors in Landscape orientation and a 22″ monitor in Portrait mode. While most laptop have a VGA, Display Port or DVI output, that only allows you to connect one… Read more »

Blackberry versus iPhone in an enterprise context

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My friend Matt Kojalo sent me the following URL recently as the battle for enterprise capable mobile devices rages on. My knee-jerk reaction was “that guy…lost me at ‘However, with the release of the $199 iPhone, which syncs with Microsoft Outlook on a PC’, … The guy doesn???t know what he???s talking about…” Then someone… Read more »

Arduino – the beginnings

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I am not much for DIY, home projects. I am still struggling with putting curtains up in my TV room. However, while casually browsing different sites (including Make) I discovered the Arduino board, an easy to use electronic kit based on a powerful Microcontroller that spawned a family of companion products. This ecosystem makes it… Read more »

Using Rockband XBox 360 instruments/controllers on a Mac

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This could very well be the geekiest post and endeavor I ever did. I don’t even play Rockband much nor am I a musician (other than playing the bass guitar very occasionally). While Rockband and Guitar Hero probably do nothing to encourage kids to pick up a real instrument, I thought it’d be fun to… Read more »