Docker on a Synology NAS – Highs & Lows

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Docker is a great addition to my DS1815+ Synology NAS. Its implementation is very cool in many ways but has a few big weaknesses. Amongst its strengths, I can think of: Pretty great UI for managing running containers, including docker exec Good UI for adding images (though no way to update them, see later) Pretty… Read more »

AWS Cloudwatch to Graphite (cloudwatch2graphite)

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Like many, we gather a lot of our system information (business and technology) into Graphite. One thing we were missing was some of the AWS services metrics that you’d typically use Cloudwatch for. So I wrote a little utility in node.js that does exactly that. You’d typically run this in a cron and throw the… Read more »

Open Source SIP client for Mac OS X (Part 2)

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So one interesting thing to look at with Mint or any other site traffic analytics application is where traffic comes from. A lot of it comes from searches and a popular one here is “Open Source SIP client for Mac OS X”. That’s something I was researching when I was interviewing for a startup a… Read more »

Tomboy for Mac OS X

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I find it interesting that the most common search that take people to my site is some variation on Tomboy+Mac. The second most common search group has to do with Open Source Session Initiation Protocol phones (SIP) but more on that later. I wonder what it is in Tomboy that Mac OS X users crave… Read more »

Missing the point

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AIGLX, wow, what a shiny waste of time. When will you guys realize that what’s missing in Linux is not cool visual effects but solid applications and hardware support. That’s where you should shine. Who cares if I can play a video on the edge of a cube when there is no decent Video Player… Read more »

Mac OS X for developers ?

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Wanted to make a quick note before I forget but I noticed recently that more and more developer tools (Java mostly but even Perl/PHP/Python/Ruby for example with Komodo) are made available for Mac OS X: IntelliJ Eclipse (of course) Sun Java Studio Creator (for JSF – Java ASP.NET-like technology) YourKit Java Profiler And on the… Read more »

It is the pen that gives immortality to men

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Well, it’s a week full of good news. I’d like to make official something I’ve been dying to tell you since we signed the contract this summer. Joe Hummel, Geoff Norton, Niel Bornstein, Brian J. Sletten and I are co-authoring a book about Linux Application Development with Mono with Addison Wesley as our publisher. Here… Read more »

Suspension of disbelief

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Connect the dots…

I love you Luis Villa

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but sometime you say silly things. How incredibly misinformed is your latest assertion: “The only reason OS/X is at all relevant right now has nothing to do with software- it has to do with the little white things in millions of people’s ears“. Sure, iPods did contribute hugely to the Apple brand current buzz but… Read more »

Let’s keep on truckin’.

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After not having looked for a job in nearly 10 years, it’s no surprising how in shambles my resume had gotten, pure code rot. But it’s ready for public viewing now. So if you know of any open source, commercial or enterprise software engineering manager or product manager position that you think I’d be a… Read more »