3D collaborative editing – Part II

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So after a few days, I received Ulysse’s first reply and design, therefore completing the first volley. He called it the Gate of the Sun which seems adequate. Ulysse-Erik-Etape-02 Sketchup file So then we had a Stargate type gate with very convenient stairs to walk through it. My turn to come up with something.

a 3D back and forth story in the making

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Twenty years ago, I left home and moved to Paris for school. While I had been away to prep-school for a year prior, this was the farthest I had lived from my parents, a 6 hours train ride at the time. I devised a way to stay in touch with my dad by sending him… Read more »


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Bored at the airport, waiting for my flight home to Boston, ego-searching, I stumbled on an old web site of mine. I can’t remember why but sometime in the late nineties, I decided to write an additional chapter to Saint Exupery The Little Prince. And so here it is, in French for now: – Regarde,… Read more »

HDR and IR photos from home

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I am in the south of France for a week and took some time to walk around with a sturdy tripod, my DSLR and an electronic trigger to shoot some HDR and Infrared photos. I have only processed half a dozen out of a hundred or so (three hundred shots) photos so more are on… Read more »