Close Shave

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Filmed on a Panasonic LX5 after a snow storm, accelerated 2000% in iMovie

Wreck of the Pinthis

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I am always up for the deep, cold, long challenging dives. So when an opportunity came along to dive the wreck of the Pinthis, I jumped on it. The wreck is nearly 100 feet of deep freezing waters (barely hitting high 40s), a rough (flat seas) and long (40 minutes) trip from the (rich and… Read more »

I am scared

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After you watch the following clip, I’d like you to imagine looking up a hill, the sun is in your eyes, and seeing three of those quadrupeds walk down towards you… Quadruped, gun mounted Terminators centaurs anyone ?

Boston Auto Show

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Nothing out of the ordinary lately, as the first snow settles on the streets of Boston. I went to the Boston Auto Show recently and snapped a few pictures of the Nissan GT-R, the Dodge Challenger SRT and the Audi R8 (highlight of the show but bleh, IMHO):