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I moved to the USA from Paris in January of 2000. I was lucky then to settle in Boston, a very welcoming town for foreigners and especially Europeans. There, I met a few french people and had a solid group of friends to turn to when I wanted to speak or hear french. The .com bubble burst and pretty much all of them were sent back home even though they were in the middle of getting a green card (I had one by then and got to stay).

While they are many opportunities to immerse myself in french culture in Boston (french library, french movie festival, …), I simply found myself listening to a lot of french music. I go back to France to visit with my parents roughly every six months so I usually load up on new french CDs.

Since I got my iPod, I bought quite a few songs on the iTunes USA store. Since then, also, the french iTunes store opened with galore of french rock, reggae and rap (Hah !).

But it seems I can’t use both. If I try to buy something with my US based .mac account on the French iTunes stores, it sends me back to the US store (where that music is not available). Now of course, I could create a french based account with a french credit card (I still have one) but from what I understand I couldn’t have both sets of songs in my iPod, I’d have to choose one or the other. How is that ‘Play Fair’ ?

Dear Lazyweb, help ?