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Like many, we gather a lot of our system information (business and technology) into Graphite. One thing we were missing was some of the AWS services metrics that you’d typically use Cloudwatch for. So I wrote a little utility in node.js that does exactly that. You’d typically run this in a cron and throw the output into Graphite every 10 minutes or whatever.

You’ll find the application here:

Here is the documentation as it stands:

AWS Cloudwatch2Graphite

This application will output graphite counters for a list of AWS CloudWatch metrics. All you need to do is copy metrics.json.sample into metrics.json and set up your accessKeyId, secretAccessKey and region.

You’ll find here the reference to NameSpaces, metrics, units and dimensions you’ll want to refer to to set up your metrics.json (metrics.json.sample is a good starting point). Thus far this has been tested with EC2, ELB & DynamoDB.


typically, to test you’d run:

node cw2graphite.js


You’ll need to install a few modules, including:

  • dateformat
  • aws2js
npm install dateformat aws2js

should do it.

Example output

aws.dynamodb.rad_impressions.throttledrequests.updateitem.sum.count 28.0 1359407920
aws.elb.radimp.requestcount.sum.count 933.0 1359407920
aws.dynamodb.rad_impressions.consumedwritecapacityunits.sum.count 890.0 1359407920

Sending to Graphite

typically, in a cron, you’d run:

node cw2graphite.js | nc host 2003