The Terror. Come on!

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To this day, I don’t still understand why my friend Sam didn’t like The Terror by Dan Simmons. I couldn’t put it down! Historical Fiction (the catastrophic Franklin arctic expedition) and Horror Story, it was a chilling and hyperrealistic tale. The Terror ? It was the name of the boat, the terrifying cold winter and… Read more »

Books, CD & Movies Recommendations (July 2009)

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While on vacation I read quite a few books, listened to music and watched quite a few movies. I thought I’d point a few gems to you all: Rodéo Boulevard has a really good rythm to it. I just discovered Anis and I can’t really even tell you what the music genre would be. French… Read more »

Boston Jig – a south end video

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Boston Jig, originally uploaded by frenchguy. Filmed in the South End in Boston, at the Metro PCS on Washington, next to the new Church of Scientology building. How fitting.

It is the pen that gives immortality to men

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Got an opportunity to finish a few books during the break. Just before going on vacation, I read the Twilight Watch which I thought was actually the best of the series so far (It follows The Night Watch and The Day Watch ); I was surprised and I don’t know if all will agree, I’ll… Read more »

New Arduinos – Pro & Pro Mini

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Sparkfun & Arduino announced today the new Arduino Pro ($20) and Arduino Pro Mini ($19), two 3.3V “low-cost, low-profile boards intended for advanced users and for convenient embedding in long-term projects”. The Arduino Pro is shield compatible (but 3.3v, beware) and includes a connector for lithium ion batteries. The Arduino Pro Mini is well….mini at… Read more »

The Arduino Family – Arduino Diecimilla (continued)

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In a previous post I reviewed the Arduino Diecimilla and some of its shields. The Diecimilla and its proto-shield provide us with a great sandbox for experimenting with basic circuits on a mini-breadboard. If you can leverage some of its shields to provide additional functionality you don’t want to have to implement yourself (GPS, SD… Read more »

USB/LCD Part 1 (SerLCD on FT232L)

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As I read blogs and articles about DIY electronics projects, I learn about gizmos that I want to gain first hand knowledge on. One such are small LCD screens (not monitors !) which are available from many vendors. Following the Arduino tutorial, I discovered that many require up to 11 pins on the Arduino. Sparkfun… Read more »