3D collaborative editing – Part II

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So after a few days, I received Ulysse’s first reply and design, therefore completing the first volley. He called it the Gate of the Sun which seems adequate. Ulysse-Erik-Etape-02 Sketchup file So then we had a Stargate type gate with very convenient stairs to walk through it. My turn to come up with something.

a 3D back and forth story in the making

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Twenty years ago, I left home and moved to Paris for school. While I had been away to prep-school for a year prior, this was the farthest I had lived from my parents, a 6 hours train ride at the time. I devised a way to stay in touch with my dad by sending him… Read more »

Post Nexus One: what my next Android phone will be

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I’ve been very happy with the Nexus One. Since it’s the official Google Android developer phone, it usually gets the latest updates first, is easily rootable and comes with the bare Google Android experience untainted by the mobile phone companies proprietary bloatware and restrictions (wifi tethering, bluetooth keyboards, …). I’ve had it for a year… Read more »

Close Shave

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Filmed on a Panasonic LX5 after a snow storm, accelerated 2000% in iMovie

My WordPress checklist

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A few year ago, I realized that beyond blogging, WordPress is an exceptional CMS, I started sites with WordPress. Dave Sutton’s Trawler Explorer, REI Paradise, Privateer Divers, Juergensen Marine, Danny’O Mom and Pop art shopThinking Diver and the latest The Cloud Saga are all built using WordPress. After I built a few of those, I… Read more »