pre-commit Git hook for JSONlinting

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Place it in .git/hooks in your git source controlled directory #!/bin/sh git diff-index -z –cached HEAD –name-only –diff-filter=ACMRTUXB | xargs -0 -t -L1 /usr/local/bin/jsonlint -c; if [ “$?” != “0” ]; then echo “\nOne or more JSON file didn’t pass jsonlint’ing.”; echo “Fix them before committing. If it is not possible to fix them all… Read more »

Docker thoughts left on the cutting floor

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I published an article about Anti-patterns in Docker today, on Constant Contact tech blog. In the editing process, some thoughts were cut from the main article but I thought I’d share these tips, follow up: Don’t store data or configuration files in containers, keep them on shared volumes where they can be backed up easily by… Read more »

Docker on a Synology NAS – Highs & Lows

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Docker is a great addition to my DS1815+ Synology NAS. Its implementation is very cool in many ways but has a few big weaknesses. Amongst its strengths, I can think of: Pretty great UI for managing running containers, including docker exec Good UI for adding images (though no way to update them, see later) Pretty… Read more »

Bedside table stand for Apple Watch

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I found a great stand for my Apple Watch It’s pretty cheap, simple, looks good. Your watch will stay put thanks to the magnets. It works for 38mm & 42mm watches. There might be alternatives but this one works for me just fine.

CocoaPods & WatchKit applications

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By default Podfiles only link Pods framework to the main target. So you’ll need something like: link_with ‘AppName’, ‘AppName WatchKit Extension’ to indicate that you want the Pods to extend to the WatchKit target! Simple but a bit of a head scratcher at first.

What’s the best charger for multirotor LiPo batteries?

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After buying and borrowing a few chargers, I realized I didn’t want to ever have to upgrade (in a multirotor/plane scenario) my next LiPO battery charger, didn’t want a cheaply made and potentially dangerous Chinese clone and wanted something solid I could take to the field and power from my car battery So, what is… Read more »

Audible Daily Deal RSS feed

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I have now made available an RSS feed for the audio book deal that Audible publishes every day: Audible Daily Deal RSS feed ( I have also added it to the US iOS & Android Amazon Kindle Deals of the Day applications that I built. I know that they’re not technically Kindle deals but I… Read more »

If your Tivo stopped downloading your channel guide and/or your to-do list

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And your shows are no longer downloading… I had that issue with my Tivo Premiere XL4 and I fixed it by going through the Guided Setup twice (Settings/Help/Reset or Rester/Guided Setup), the first time with a bogus zip code(90210)/Provider and after that with my actual zip code and cable provider. That caused the Tivo to… Read more »