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While large (24″+) monitors are certainly enticing, I find that my productivity improves with multiple monitors rather than bigger monitors. My desktop setup includes two 23″ monitors in Landscape orientation and a 22″ monitor in Portrait mode. While most laptop have a VGA, Display Port or DVI output, that only allows you to connect one monitor.

Wanting to have at least two external monitor, I found a great solution from Kensingon that will work on Mac and Windows PC to add an additional monitor (or two or three…) via a simple USB connection.

At under $60, the Kensington Universal Multi-display adapter works on most recent OS (including the Apple Lion and Snow Leopard, Microsoft Windows 7) is simple to use and just works. The adapter comes with a DVI output and a VGA adapter and support 1080p resolutions (1920×1080) in 16/9 format and 2048×1152 for other aspect ratios.

If you want to add additional monitors, just add more adapters, it’s that simple (up to 6 adapters, that’s 8 monitors total, including your laptop monitor).

Is it fast? It’s fast enough for most tasks. Would I use it for gaming or 3D design? Probably not but it works very well for everything else.