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Twenty years ago, I left home and moved to Paris for school. While I had been away to prep-school for a year prior, this was the farthest I had lived from my parents, a 6 hours train ride at the time. I devised a way to stay in touch with my dad by sending him the first chapter of a ‘novel’ that I had began to write telling him he was to write the second chapter then send it back to me. I would write the third chapter, send it to him and so on and so forth. It was an opportunity to work together in a creative framework that I thought we’d both enjoy (Disclosure: it worked for a while but we gave it up eventually).

Twenty years later, recently, I was talking to my godson’s father, Jean-Michel about his son’s enthusiasm for 3D design. I thought that I could attempt a similar experiment with Ulysse, who was one year old when I left France and is now almost twelve. As his godfather, over three thousand miles away, I had always looked for a way to stay close to him when I couldn’t visit him as often as I wanted.

And so it began. Late last year, I sent Ulysse my first 3D scene, done in Google Sketchup with an explanation of the ‘game’ and how it would work. What I sent him looked like this:

Ulysse-Erik-Etape-01 Sketchup file

What do you think? Want to see more? How would you call this process?