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Old Fashioned isn’t necessarily good

I recently updated my mono/glade tutorial with:

A couple of things have come up since the last version of this tutorial:

  1. Mozilla: because of the way Mozilla is installed in some distributions (I haven’t been able to trace what it exactly is yet), running the application in MonoDevelop causes the following failure: Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not
    set to an instance of an object
    . Running the application from a terminal (the exe is in the project bin/Debug directory) solves that issue. Also make sure MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME is set.
  2. Glade 2.6+: If you are using a very recent version of Glade which by default adds an alignment to a new frame (Glade 2.6 and newer, I believe) you can either remove the alignment from the frame or or add the WebControl to the alignment instead of the frame with something like
    [Widget] Alignment alignment1;

    and later in the code

    //instead of frame1.Add(web);

Being young doesn’t mean that you’re going to live a very long time.

I started watching Ali G, at the insistence of pretty much everybody telling me how great it is. It was pretty good, I thought. We’ll see what I think of the next episode. In the mean time, I saw Shaun of the Dead which was quite funny though not the funniest english flick I ever saw. Which IMHO is Holy Grail. God, I am boring.

Best recent quote I read:

“You were tuning into that damn alien porn channel again and you know it.”

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