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Life is a game. So fight for survival and see if you’re worth it

Did I ever mention how much I dislike NYC ?
I was supposed to go to NYC last week for a meeting with a potential customer. I had planned to take the bus. But it was very early in the morning and I didn’t have all of my brain cells available to me yet so I missed it. I foolishly decided to drive instead of taking the train or booking a flight in a pinch. My convertible top wasn’t working, it was 93F out there. I drove for 6 hours, hit heavy traffic just before I got to the city, got lost in the Bronx, had to stop in a motel parking lot to rest ’cause I was falling asleep, made it to the city one hour late (but the meeting went). I parked by a meter, got a $65 parking ticket (why isn’t it $20-30 like in Boston, I wonder, it’s insane). On the way back, I got lost in the Bronx (again), got stuck in CT traffic, couldn’t find the right highway, was driving towards Buffalo before I caught on and made it back onto the right highway, hit more traffic and made it back home around 10PM. I had left at 6:15 AM and drove for roughly 10-11 hours that day – it’s normally a 3.5 hour drive to NYC. I love Boston.

Wow! I survived thanks to my great bullet-proof vest!

I think you can connect a USB network adapter to the USB port and connect that to the Ethernet port. That will effectively create a loop-back and you will have a home-brew particle accelerator. I will be experimenting with this and get back to you.

Here’s your list of friends in the order they died.

To get MonoDoc to work on MacOS (using GTK#, GTK and other niceties from fink), you have to add this to you %MONOPREFIX%/etc/mono/config :

&#8230; <dllmap dll="libc"> <dllentry target="bindtextdomain" dll="libintl.1.dylib" name="bindtextdomain"/> <dllentry target="bindtextdomain" dll="libintl.1.dylib" name="bind_textdomain_codeset"/> <dllentry target="bindtextdomain" dll="libintl.1.dylib" name="textdomain"/> </dllmap> &#8230;<br />

also, for MonoDevelop on MacOS X (with Beta 3), you now need to build/install gtksourceview 1.0 by hand, for it is not yet available on Fink. I am still running into problems fixing it with:

<br /> Loading error, please reinstall<br /> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object<br /> in <0x000b8> System.Xml.XmlDocument:Load (string) )<br />

Bye bye ?

My rose anemone tried to committ suicide today. It threw itself at an air pump in a post modern version of “Anemone tartare fireworks explosion”. It got sucked in and partly blown out. It might make it, though it probably lost most of its body mass (maybe it’s a new diet technique I hadn’t heard about). It had grown so big and full, it’s a shame (FYI, a rose anemone this size is probably > $100). I won’t put a photo up, it’s just too gory. The clown family is sad.

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