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Thanks to WirelessModem I am now able to use my Treo as a GPRS modem on T-Mobile wherever I go. Which means I won’t be miserable at airports around the continent waiting for planes that are late or companies to get it together and offer (free?) wireless access. Unfortunately it’s $$ for what it is and only available on Windows and MacOS X but the palm software might work as is if your Linux kernel is potent.

So on MacOS X (T-Mobile, Treo 600, USB cable), beyond what’s in the doc, here is the deal:

You need Ross Barkman’s Generic GPRS modem scripts which can be found here

I am using the Generic GPRS CID1, check ‘enable error correction and compression’ and ‘wait for dial tone before dialing’.

In the PPP tab use as your telephone number (I know it’s not a number…), no login, no password, TCP/IP uses PPP, no proxy

From there it just works for me. You might want to add a couple of dns ip numbers from another connection if you have them, it does speed things up.

[Thanks to Jonathan Greene for helping getting it working]

I belong to a club

Intellectually lazy intelligent people who get off by cultural slumming.

How lame. I might as well start voting for Bush while I am at it.

Oh no, wait, I can’t vote! I am allowed to pay taxes though, thankfully.

h3b>I always thought I was a highly functional drunk

Apparently I was wrong.

But I discovered a great new Mono application, GIB. They seem to be coming out at an accelerating pace, which is great.

Indios de Barcelona

Brainshare Europe 2004 (BSE2004) was a lot of fun this year. Beside going out in the town, the sessions were particularly interesting and I think that Nat totally nailed the Collaboration keynote demo on Thursday. Miguel and I did pretty good with our mono Keynote demo but we have to come up with something even more extraordinary for the next big event.

The Mono sessions were well attended and we were able to give away a lot of Edd and Niel’s Mono, a Developer’s Notebook. I gave a session on Migrating Applications from Windows to Linux using Mono (here in OpenOffice presentation format) which was great to write and present.

You’re miserable, edgy, and tired. You’re in the perfect mood for journalism.

In other ‘noteworthy’ news, I now have my camera back (EOS 20D owners, you amuse me), my new G5, a BlueTooth headset that doesn’t work with Skype (username ‘edasque’) and am planning my next scuba-diving vacation.

Well, that’s about all I have to report for now. I look forward to some time at home, in Boston.

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