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They’re only monkey-boys. We can crush them here on earth, Lord Whorfin

So I recently installed a SUSE distro on my IBM laptop (eat your own fish pellets kind of mentality; and BTW, it works wonderfully) and ran into the same problems installing mod_mono as someone else did.

Namely, after ‘configure’ and ‘make’, ‘make install’ reports the following error (On SUSE 9.1, let’s say, with Apache 2 installed the SUSE way):

chmod 755 /usr/lib/apache2/
apxs:Error: Config file /etc/apache2/httpd2-prefork.conf not found.
make[1]: *** [install] Error 1

It turns out that Yast removes that file and apxs (apxs2 on SUSE with Apache2) can’t find it and can’t do without it.

Since this is likely to become an FAQ and it keeps appearing here and there, let there be known you can fix it by running:

echo "nLoadModule foo" > /etc/apache2/httpd2-prefork.conf

and then ‘make install’ for mod_mono.

Evil. Pure and simple from the eighth dimension.

So yesterday was Bastille day, which is when France (my country) celebrates the day that brought the Republic (and incidently beheading, a murderous rampage by Robespierre and his cohorts, one more king – Louis XVIII, one that never ruled – Louis XVII, two emperors – Napoleon and Napoleon III and eventually a stable republic of a sovereign state that decided to not be part of the ever diminishing Coalition of the Willing).

I celebrated by playing Poker (I won for the first time), wearing my ‘XV de France’ jersey (Rugby) and generally being my happy self all day. Let there be known I didn’t use my guillotine yesterday though I had many opportunities to

It’s not my goddamn planet. Understand, monkey boy?

A new addition to the fish tanks at Chateau Dasque, Little Godzilla, a yellow and dark red Wart-skin Angler (Frogfish) that can’t swim (no swim bladder) but walks around with hand like fins and jet-propulses itself by blowing water really hard through the gills on his arms. It eats all the shrimps, fishes and sneaky little hobbitses I throw at him (twice a week). I should have called him Gollum. That’s it, he has a new name, Gollum.

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