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So I was joking around with Jackson a few weeks ago when we were having GAC difficulties and suggested that he’d rewrite the GAC in FORTH. He said he would if I could find a .NET FORTH compiler. Delta Forth .NET is a shareware FORTH compiler for .NET so I downloaded it and tried it.

Running Mono 1.0 Beta 1 on MacOS X (I am sure it works on Linux too), I can:

  • Run the compiler.exe that’s included without having to recompile anything
  • Launch the FORTH ‘shell’ mode
  • Run any of the compiled samples that I found
  • Compile any of the samples with the FORTH compiler
  • build the compiler from source (mcs *.cs /out:Forth.exe)

I had to install Delta Forth on Windows first and copy the files over, the installer is not a .NET app 🙂

I haven’t tried to call any external DLL from a FORTH application or call forth ‘classes’ (!??!!?) from a C# application, this is left as an exercise for you, reader.

I know that’s really kind of dorky. But FORTH was actually the first programming language I learnt as a kid.

Nobody can eat fifty eggs

But Jackson sure is going to try.

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