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So I am back from my Turks and Caicos where I dove for 2 weeks in December. Two weeks of no geeking out (except for watching G4/TechTV at night), waking up at 7:00 AM, diving a couple of times a day, getting my Rescue Diver certification and playing volley-ball and going to bed at 10:00 PM every night, exhausted. Took a lot of naps and read a few books amongst which Donnerjack, a very good cyberpunk novel by the late Zelazny. I am still adjusting to normal hours and having some difficulties.

I’ve noticed recently that many of the people I meet are interesting in scuba diving and have lots of questions so I decided to start writing a geek oriented scuba-diving FAQ:

An incomplete scuba-diving FAQ

Where do I learn to scuba ?

What a lot of people do, since they don’t want to sit in a classroom while on vacation, is take a class at their local dive shop which consist of classroom and pool time. Once that’s done, they’re given a piece of paper that they can show to the dive operator wherever they go to indicate they’re ready for their 4 open water dives. Once that’s done, they can be issued a dive certification. With that c-card in hand …[more]…


Since I am world reknown for the quality and frequence of amazing chunks of sample code but more seriously because Zamples went live today with C# support powered by Mono, look at that amazing perl of C# wisdom and click on the pretty button:

public class Test {
public static void Main() {

System.Console.WriteLine("This runs thanks to Zample's live code sample");
System.Console.WriteLine("feature that allows you to test C# code using Mono.");
System.Console.WriteLine("OS Version: "+System.Environment.OSVersion);
System.Console.WriteLine("Runtime Version: "+System.Environment.Version);
System.Console.WriteLine("nSoon with ASP.NET and VB.NET support");