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Update: This has been updated, check my Mac OS X powertools page

As I noticed someone picking up my old recommendations on MacOS X Powertools, I decided to update it a little and widen the scope:

Aside from the obvious (, iCal, Address Book, iSync, …) I use these daily:


I left Proteus behind and now use Adium. Open source, powered by libgaim, it supports all major protocols (including Groupwise which I need at work), is highly customizable, scriptable and has a booming community.

RSS viewing

The awesome NetNewsWire – the best I found, I wish people would
include the article body all the time in their rss feed so that I
don’t have to go to the web site itself and see all those
ads. NetNewsWire 2.0 is in beta and is simply
awesome with support for smartddsts (i.e. give me all the entries that
contain the word mono but are not found in Monologue), scripting,
custom css, subscription to feeds generated from scripts (for example,
ddstening to a folder), entry flagging (keep forever), .MAC syncing
(so I don’t have to read an entry twice, at home and at work, keeping
only one set of subscriptions).I hope they port to Linux or that Blam
adopts many of those features.


While I still use Mice iRC when I need to do DCC sends, I have switched to Colloquy which does for IRC what Adium does for IM (scriptable, customizable, …). Also, I am not sure what the status of Mirce iRC is.

Application Launcher

I also abandonned Launchbar for Quicksilver. They’re probably very equivalent now but I switched to QS because it came up with a few features firts (though I had bought Launchbar). Oh well. God, I wish Gnome had that for I still struggle with launching applications, switching between them. Alt Tab and Desktops just don’t work well for me.

Drawing Marchitecture

Omnigraffle, beats the old LIghthouse Design Diagram consumed and forgotten by Sun

Taking notes

Haven’t found a note taker that I like yet but Stickies works in the mean time. Other tools are just too bulky. Tomboy rules on Linux, I wonder how hard it would be to wrap it nicely in Cocoa#.

Still looking for a terminal with tabs. I want one that looks like Safari, not iTerm which is weak.

Spam Killing
Started to use Popfile (at home on server) to do both IMAP and
POP. Junk mail control just doesn’t seem to work for me

Azureus – for jam band concerts download

Unison – best news reader I found on Mac, close to the best on all platforms IMHO

Check Audion from the same company if you don’t want to deal with iTunes

DVD grabber
Handbrake (GPL) to copy my DVDs onto my HD and compress them to MP4 for viewing on the plane and at the hotel

Video player
VideoLan (GPL) – a great cross platform video player

SSH agents and tunneling

SSH Keychain for I get
tired of using command line for ssh agents and tunneling very quickly

Geeky tools of all geeky tools

Geeky Tool – you know you want it !. I use it to display my console.log on my
desktop, stock charts and internal/external IPs. Very convenient.

Election System
I recommend the popular vote. I have yet to hear a reason why the
electoral college system still makes sense today


I like France, Canada and Lithuania. Apparently Spain and Germany are being
ported to Linux so we’ll see.

A lot of those are shareware, I did end up paying for most of
them. Let me know what you think of the new list.

NB: What I am listening to these days: Palookaville (Fatboy Slim)
and Has
Been (William Shatner)
, too funny !